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“After dealing with my AC for over a year and having 4 different companies tell me 4 different things, I finally found a company that actually cares to find the problem and fix it.

After being told that I needed a whole new system in my house costing nearly 6k, I called Vegas Pro for a second opinion. They came out immediately and ran several test, climbed into my 300 degree attic, and decided that I probably needed a new outside unit…well still better than a whole new system. I made arrangements to have it done. Rudy then came the next morning with Matt because “something wasn’t adding up”.

Again into my 300 degree attic. They discovered not only bad duct work, but that a piece of my air handler was missing and it had sucked up a good portion of my new blown-in insulation. Now I have had my entire unit serviced twice since I bought the house and no one mention anything missing from my air handler or the fact that my ducts had issues. After spending three days working on my system, I have new ducts, a cleaned out and fixed air handler, a larger intake, and my house is almost to 80 degrees and dropping after being near 100 degrees for a week.

Matt and Rudy both made me feel as though I was their only customer. I cannot say how much I appreciate them taking the time to figure out my issues and actually fixing the problem. If I would have had a new system installed I still would have had crappy ducts and it wouldn’t have made much difference. They save me nearly $2500 and I recommend them without hesitation. It is so nice to be able to trust someone in Vegas to do an honest and good job!”

~ Melinda A., Cheney, WA

“Awesome company!!! I had problems with another AC company (Air Squad) and it took them a month to fix my A/C with still no results. I gave up on them and would have done sooner if it wasn’t for my home warranty. Finally, I got Vegas Pro Air to take another look and it was done in a day. They were 10 minutes early as well on my window of time! I will call them again!!! They are knowledgeable and courteous. Thank you for doing your job Vegas Pro Air!!!

~ Alison C., Henderson, NV

“Reggie was our Air Conditioner Tech, Response time 45 min. Reggie was very knowledgeable & Friendly. Vegas Pro Air got a hold of our Home Warranty, which was (Choice Warranty) as we had recently purchased our Home and bought a Warranty from Choice Warranty.  To our Surprise Reggie diagnosed the Air Conditioner in about 10 minutes and told us that the Condenser motor was failing. Reggie called our warranty provider (Claims Manager) real butt- head !!!. Who refused to cover our Claim. However Vegas Pro Air found out that our Air Conditioner was under warranty for parts and within 2 Hours of calling Vegas Pro Air our Air Conditioner was working Great. Thanks you Vegas Pro Air. I Recommend Vegas Pro Air Conditioning to Everyone.”

~ William S., Las Vegas, NV

“I have been trying to get my downstairs AC unit fixed for over a year.  Every tech that came out said “you need a new unit” and proceeded to give me an outrageous price!  Not one of them looked in my attic to see what was up there, except for Danny.  In fact he insisted that he go up there.  I told him I had someone tell me it wasn’t my duct work that’s causing the problems with my air flow and lack of cold air, it was the unit.  He laughed and went up and immediately told me that the problems I’ve been having all these years is bad duct work from the builder.  He showed me where the builder had put hoses and ducts in that were too short so they were loose and/or kinked so the air wouldn’t flow.  I have at least 5 vents that blow very little air and they are the vents connected to these ducts.  The hose from the air handler was kinked so the only cold air we would get is when it was below 95 degrees out side.  Danny is working with us  to correct these problems at a minimal cost.  Thank you Danny, you’re the best!!!”

~ Emily V., Henderson, NV